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Specializing in the creation and preservation of optimum health utilizing a whole-body wellness approach,

Pinnacle Performance is not just another chiropractic office.

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Our History

Pinnacle Performance has been providing gentle chiropractic methods for the treatment of pain, poor posture, injuries, motor vehicle and work related injuries since 2015. We have been working together with your other health care providers to create integrated health.

Our Mission

Pinnacle Performance is a place for people to come when they don't want to accept a life that is hindered in any way by pain or dysfunction. Don't ever let anyone tell you what your body can't do, or what the future of your health is. Your body can perform miracles. Let it happen.

It's not just about back pain...


Dr. Diana Brewer

Dr. Brewer has over fifteen years experience in healthcare. Prior to graduating as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Palmer College, she worked in medical orthopedic clinics and brings this experience to Pinnacle. Her primary treatment modalities are Activator Methods, Flexion and Distraction, and Palmer Chiropractic Techniques.

Dr. Brewer also offers her expertise in nutrition, weight control, and fitness. She uses the Foot Levelers system for the evaluation and fitting of custom shoe orthotics for spinal stabilization.


Chris Parker Trainer & Coach

Christopher Parker is our trainer and coach. He has spent the last few years working with and training under Dr. Diana Brewer who has been in the field of fitness and healthcare for over 15 years. Christopher's focus is fitness for all ages and sports nutrition. He is the creator of UpliFt Fitness. His mission is to incorporate small, controlled bursts of fitness while managing nutrition through Biohacking and Nutrigenomics.

What more is your body capable of?